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Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning

Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning is an ongoing project which was formed by several existing nonprofits  and investing individuals with the mission to prevent childhood drowning. We are parents, aunts, uncles, friends…

0.00% Funded
$0.00 Raised
347 Days Left
$3500.00 Goal

I Am Proof 2019 Scholarship Fund

The I Am Proof (IAP) 2019 Scholarship fund supports the IAP group mentoring five-sessions program, and invest in the support and capability of the graduates required to continue on their journey to success. 

0.15% Funded
$10.74 Raised
133 Days Left
$7000.00 Goal

Brevard County Chapter: Scholarships & Education (2019)

Our mission is two fold: Education & Scholarships. Once a family understand layers of protection for drowning prevention, they may need financial assistance to skill their child. This is…

2.07% Funded
$206.61 Raised
72 Days Left
$10000.00 Goal

Swim Safe Forever, Northwest Houston

Swim Safe Forever (SSF)  (501(c)3 led by Jenny Bennett who is an emergency room nurse at Tomball.  During the summer of 2016, she lost her 18 month old son in a drowning accident.  She strongly believes that…

2.08% Funded
$51.96 Raised
72 Days Left
$2500.00 Goal

University Park Elementary School 2

I AM PROOF® Inc., is a 501(c)3 non-profit providing a unique group mentoring program developed for boys and girls ages 11 through 18.

41.63% Funded
$728.45 Raised
12 Days Left
$1750.00 Goal
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